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Maciste Bottos - 5Kg Seeds for turf Lawn seeds
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360 Maciste Bottos - 5Kg Seeds for turf Lawn seeds Maciste Bottos - 5Kg Seeds for turf Lawn seeds Maciste Bottos - 5Kg Seeds for turf Lawn seeds Maciste Bottos - 5Kg Seeds for turf Lawn seeds

Maciste Bottos - 5Kg Seeds for turf

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Extra strong lawn seed.

Ornamental, performance, sporting and technical resistant to drought and disease.

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Ideal mixture with medium-coarse texture for Mediterranean-continental areas, hot, exposed to the south and with obvious problems of summer temperatures and risk of drought.

Maciste is also the right answer for any type of soil, also suitable for shade with up to 50% less direct light and therefore suitable even for the shade of conifers.

Very fast in the initial planting phase, it immediately colonizes the spaces, leaving no outlet for potential infesting essences.

Turf made up of cultivars of American origin with a bright green color even in the cold season.

Carpet which, when fully mature, presents itself with high density and uniformity.

Tolerant to summer brown spot. Ideal for the construction of recreational and ornamental lawns, but also for more marginal areas.


40% Festuca arundinacea Eyecandy

40% Festuca arundinacea Fat Cat

10% Thrive/Allstarter perennial ryegrass

10% Poa pratense SR 2100/SR 2150

The importance of fresh seeds

Using old seeds is a serious mistake that can completely compromise the success of your lawn. Old seeds germinate poorly and it will be very difficult to get the lawn to cover the ground without leaving easy space for weeds.



deep, draining, medium-textured, but also clayey and/or loose, with a pH that can range from alkalinity to sub-acidity.

Sowing period:

from March until late October (skipping the months of maximum summer heat). Germination can take from 4 to 10 days in direct correlation with soil temperatures (soil temperature required above 8°C)

Recommended Dosage:

40-50 g/m2. The maximum doses are recommended in case of overseeding with high temperatures and/or imperfect tillage of the seed bed


carry out the first cut when the grass reaches 6 cm and then bring it to 4 cm, so as not to limit the germination of Poa pratensis. Never remove more than 30% of the vegetation present. If you want a lawn with a finer texture, you can cut down to 35 mm, while above 45 mm the leaves remain larger. In the shade of pine trees, do not go below 60 mm in mowing height


phosphate fertilization at sowing and then management of the carpet at maturity with 20 units of nitrogen m2/year, choosing specific fertilizers for lawns, preferably with controlled release. Schedule 4 annual fertilizations


When planting, keep the seedbed constantly moist so as not to stop the germination process. In the summer period, irrigate with 10 mm of water every 2-3 days.

Pay attention to water management, not exaggerating with the quantities and frequencies of distribution in the hottest periods to avoid encouraging the onset of potential seasonal diseases. In case of shade from pine trees, double the wetting times in the hottest periods


Plan at least 2 biostimulant treatments between July and August to increase tolerance to heat and trampling


use Maciste during the regeneration phase at the end of summer and/or at the end of winter, carrying out a verticut with the removal of the felt and subsequent distribution of approximately 40-50 g/m2 of mixture.


Type: Advanced for enthusiasts

Suitable for Sowing

Geographical area: North, Center and South, Coastal areas

Sun exposure: Sun > 70%, Shade > 70%, Mix of shade and sun

Coloration: Bright green

Maintenance: Low frequency

Irrigation system: Recommended


40% Festuca arundinacea Eyecandy

40% Festuca arundinacea Fatcat

10% Perennial Ryegrass Thrive / All Starter

10% Poa pratense SR 2100/Jackpot

Period of use: March, April, May, June, August, September, October

Dosage: yield 5Kg = 110 m2 (45 gr/m2)

Packaging: 5 kg bag

Additional information:Technical data sheet pdf

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Maciste seme per prato

Seme per prato Maciste linea Bottos. Seme consigliato per prato in aree soleggiate. Ottima qualità super soddisfatto A+++

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Sementi maciste formato 5kg , linea Bottos, ne parlano tutti molto bene. Vedremo

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sacco da 5 kg Maciste ( sementi per prato) - quest' anno ho deciso una volta per tutte che voglio sistemare il mio prato che sarà 3 anni che rimando ora è arrivato il momento. Voglio provare questi semi Botos che dicono siano tra i migliori , certo che anche il costo non è proprio basso . Spero che sia sinonimo di qualità

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semenza maciste

semi per prato maciste , i più conosciuti in assoluto. vai sul sicuro con questi. bravissimi!!

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Maciste 5kg, semi freschi ed arrivati velocemente. Tornerei da loro

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