Disc for brush cutter

The blades and discs for brush cutters are particularly suitable for areas with dense vegetation and allow work that is difficult to achieve with nylon thread.

Dozens of models are available with a number of teeth ranging from 2 to 80, satisfying specific needs.

Features to take into consideration before purchasing:

Vegetation to be cut

Engine power

Central hole of the disc

Choose the right blade for your brush cutter based on the vegetation!

A blade specific to the type of vegetation to be cut allows for less tiring, faster and cleaner work.

We have dozens of blades with maximum resistance with a chrome-enriched steel that enhances their qualities.

The most common mounting hole (center hole diameter) is 25.4mm, on some older models it can be 20mm (Especially older brushcuttersSTIHL).

Below is a short table that includes advantages and disadvantages for each type of blade:

Type of vegetation

Type of Blade



Small saplings

Cutting blades / Widia discs

Clean and precise cut

Suitable for medium power engines

  • Difficult to sharpen
  • After long use it may lose some cutting teeth and consequently the disc must be replaced

Thick or dry grass

2 tooth blade


Suitable for low and medium power engines

  • Small cutting surface (normally 25cm)
  • Not very suitable for woody plants

Grass and bushes

3 tooth blade

Versatile tool

High resistence

  • Non-reversible blade
  • Powerful engine required >35cc

Dense brambles, reeds and scrub

8 tooth blade / Grinder

Shredding of vegetation

Maximum resistance

Time saving

  • Powerful engine required >35cc
  • Sharpening recommended after several uses

Disc for brush cutter

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Kit of 4 brush cutter discs with...

Price €79.00

Heavy vegetation cutting kit for landscaping operators: composed of 1 3-tooth blade, 1 2-tooth blade, 1 Original Bazargiusto grinder, 1 Tsumura widia disc. All products have a 25.4mm center hole for universal compatibility.