Lawn fertilizers

Fertilizers are not all the same and each of them is designed for a targeted use.
Fertilizers differ, first of all, in the content of the three main elements: Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K).
The need for these elements depends on many factors.
Normally it is said that a lawn needs 24 g/m2 of Nitrogen, 6 g/m2 of Phosphorus and 24 g/m2 of Potassium annually.

Simplifying we can say that in Spring/Autumn there is a greater need for Nitrogen (these are periods of vegetative growth), while in pre-Summer/pre-Winter , in view of particularly stressful seasons, Potassium must reign supreme .
A separate discussion is during sowing , periods in which the starter fertilizers will have an adequate level of phosphorus , useful for strengthening the root system.

The lawn must always be fed, which is why it is particularly important that the fertilizer guarantees release for at least 2/3 months.

Depending on the choice of fertilizer, the release can depend on the fertility of the soil and/or on how much water reaches the soil, or, as in the best fertilisers, depend only on the temperature (programmed release).

Lawn fertilizers

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Perfect Life Bottos - 2Kg High...

Price €15.40

Perfect life 18-5-10 + 2 MgO + 0.5 Fe + Mn + Zn

Vegetative boost fertilizer with balance between the nutrition of the lawn and the needs of the soil with special natural integrated mycorrhizal inoculum.

Important improvement in the biofertility of the substrates.

Start Life Bottos - 20 Kg High...

Price €79.60

Start life 10-15-10 + 2 MgO + 0.5 Fe + Mn + Zn

Fertilizer for all sowing and turf regeneration operations.

Introduction of new concepts in plant nutrition with links between humic acids, chemical elements and microelements.

It promotes the enrichment of soil fertility.