Essential Guide: How to properly sharpen the chainsaw

Essential Guide: How to properly sharpen the chainsaw

Sharpening the chain saw is a fundamental skill for any gardener or forestry professional. A sharp chain not only improves the performance of the chainsaw, but also ensures greater safety during cutting. In this guide, we will explore step by step the process to properly sharpen the chainsaw chain, allowing you to achieve optimal results and maintain a safe working environment.

1. Check the Security

Before starting any work on the chainsaw, make sure that it is completely off and that the spark plug is disconnected to prevent accidental engine start. Always wear appropriate protective equipment, including safety goggles, durable gloves, and a protective helmet.

2. Cleaning the Chain

Before sharpening, make sure the chain is clean of oil, dirt and debris. Use a rigid brush or air compressor to remove any debris between the teeth of the chain and along the bar.

3. Establishing the Sharpening Angle

Use a special guide to sharpen the chain saw. These slides are designed to maintain the correct sharpening angle, ensuring consistent and accurate results. Check that the guide is correctly positioned on the chainsaw bar and that it is stable before proceeding.

4. Sharpening of Teeth

Using a special round chain file for chainsaw chains, sharpen the teeth of the chain one at a time, following the sharpening angle set by the guide. Gently filing from side to side of each tooth, remove any signs of wear and restore the sharp cut.

5. Sharpening of Deep Teeth

In addition to chain teeth, it is also important to sharpen the depth teeth, also known as recoil teeth. These teeth are responsible for driving the chain through the wood when cutting. Use a flat file to gently sharpen the deep teeth, maintaining the correct angle to ensure proper operation of the chainsaw.

6. Chain Tension Control

After sharpening the chain, check the tension using the special adjustment mechanism on the chainsaw. A chain that is too loose or too tight can compromise the performance and safety of the chainsaw. Make sure the chain is stretched correctly and runs freely along the bar without obstacles.

7. Lubrication of the chain

Finally, make sure that the chain is properly lubricated before using the chainsaw. Add chain oil to the chain saw oil reserve and start the motor to evenly distribute the oil along the chain and bar.

By carefully following these steps, you will be able to properly sharpen the chain saw, ensuring optimal performance and safety during work. Always remember to regularly perform chain saw maintenance and sharpen the chain when needed to ensure long life and reliable performance over time.