Lawnmower blades: everything you need to know

Lawnmower blades: everything you need to know

Taking care of your lawn is not an easy job. Keeping the turf at the correct height is a demanding task, and in the search for the perfect configuration we often make gross mistakes right from the choice of the cutting blade.

In fact, there are many different blades for lawnmowers that performdifferent tasks based on your needsand the characteristics of the lawnmower we use to cut the grass. In addition to engine power, a well-sharpened or correct type blade can do the tricksave time and effortto the greenery operator, as well as guaranteeing a clean cut without negatively impacting the mechanical parts of the lawnmower.

There are different types of blades:

1) Standard blades or bladescollection
2) Bladesmulchingor shredding blade
3) Bladeshigh load.

Standard blades

Standard blades are notoriously mounted onlawnmowers and tractors equipped with collection basket, located in the rear part of the vehicle.
This is the type of blade most installed as an original equipment on the main brands of lawnmowers as well asmost popular blades on the market.
They are specifically designed to make cuts on short grass (6-7cm max) and guaranteeminimal effort on the engine and cutting apparatusthanks toreduced weightand to thehigh aerodynamicsof design; this type of blade is generally not recommended on terrain with tall grass or stony terrain.

The standard bladesthey do not require high maintenance, it is recommended to sharpen every 4-6 months (timing which may vary based on frequency of use) to maintain high cutting quality.

If you are not sure which blade to replace, an alternative solution is to purchase oneuniversal bladeaccording to your needs: just check the length of the blade, the diameter of the central hole and purchase a blade that corresponds to these measurements.
TOthis linkwe can find our catalog ofuniversal bladeson the market.

Here, instead, we find a list of bladesMade in Germanycompatible with most lawnmowers on the market.

Lama universale twin cut raccolta

Mulching blades

The mulching type blade is mainly used on lawnmowerswithout collection basketor on lawns that need onesupplementary natural fertilization; the main feature of mulching blades is in fact thepulverizationof the grass suspended inside the lawnmower hood, which is then deposited on the turf to act as a natural fertilizer.The grass is shreddedat a very fine level, also guaranteeing a post-cut aesthetic effect very similar to that of a normal standard cut.

The installation of a mulching type blade is carried out in the same way as a standard blade.
Even in this case there areuniversal mulching blades, discover them in our online shop!

Lama mulching universale

High load blades

High load blades are used for processes where there is a need fordisperse the cut grass on the ground as little as possible, loading almost all of the cut into the collection basket. Standard blades notoriously leave some grass clippings on the lawn, which then tends to become thatch; by avoiding thatch formations, the risks of water stagnation are significantly reduced, irrigation and the photosynthesis process are improved, thus guaranteeing notable improvements in the turf.
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lama rasaerba alto carico

If you still have doubts about choosing the correct blade for your lawnmower,don't hesitate and contact us!
We will be able to verify your needs and find a solution suited to your needs and your lawn.

If you are looking for advice on sowing, reseeding or fertilizing your lawn you can find the advice of our experts on our websiteblog.