Bazargiusto official Bottos retailer from 2021

Bazargiusto official Bottos retailer from 2021

If you are looking for the best lawn seeds or fertilizers for your lawn there is no other choice thanBottos!

Bottosit's the brandleader in Italyin this sector. Appreciated by professional gardeners and experts in the sector but also by small users who, thanks toquality productsthey want and are able to obtain ahealthy and beautiful lawnindependently.
Bottosoffers a complete range of products so that the user can have the answer to every problem: summer or winter stress, fungal diseases, insects, yellowing of the lawn, moss and much more...
You may not know it but the productsBottosthey are used regularly in the bestgolf coursesand infootball fields of A league.

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How our collaboration withBottos?

We atBazargiustowe are always looking for new brands forpropose the bestto our customers.
Bottoswe were immediately struck by itprofessionalism and competencewith an eye towards online.
For this reason, after a careful analysis,Bazargiustostarting March 2021 isOfficial sellerBottosfor Italy with the possibility of shipping throughout the European Union.
On our site you can find all the products in the catalog always available and with delivery within 24-48 working hours.
Bazargiustoit's the only site where you can find itthe entire range of productsBottos!
Beyond the famous and always appreciatedseedsas theMacistaor theRoyal Blue Plus; the renowned onesfertilizers Biostart P,Sprint No,Summer K; you will find the complete range ofhydroseeding productsand other professional branded productsBottosthat you won't find anywhere else.

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Why choose to use the productsBottosin your garden?

Use the productsBottosis equivalent to using the top of the range in the sector!
The seedsBottosI amselected in USAto obtain maximum results in every type of situation.
Great importance is given todisease resistance, at thetolerance to any type of stress(shade, drought, heat, wear, cold, salinity, etc.).
The blends are formulated to optimize the perfect product for each specific scenario.
Very high purity and maximum germinationthey are the guarantee formulaBottosfor every type of turf mixture.

In Italy theminimum germination rate required by law is 80%for fescues and ryegrasses e75%for poa pratensis, howeverBottoshas decided not to remain at the minimum allowed but toguarantee a minimum germination rate of 90-92%,this means that the dosage per square meter is reduced, so as to avoid waste and costs.

As for thepurity of seedsVery strict controls are carried out to ensure that it is always maintainedat 100%and sodo not sow weeds.

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BazargiustoAndBottoscollaborate to guarantee the customer all the tools necessary for the autonomous creation of ahealthy and beautiful lawn,thanks to our pre- and post-sales assistance serviceswe guide the customer in the most suitable choiceto the product according to customer needs.

On our site you will findoffers and discountson the main productsBottosbut above all we are the only website to guarantee thealways free shipping!
Even by purchasing only a box of seeds or a pack of fertilizer you will not have to pay shipping costs, by doing so even those who own small turfs will not have to incur excessive costs for the purchase of fertilizers, biostimulants, bioactivated products and liquid products for their turf .

For any information we atBazargiustowe are always available, you can contact us via the appropriate formby clicking hereor via email or WhatsApp