September | 7 tips for your lawn

September | 7 tips for your lawn

What treatments should be done to the lawn in September?

With the first cool days of September the lawnstarts to vegetate againafter the summer heat.
The most favorable temperature and humiditythey facilitate the development of leaves and roots.
Here are some simple tips for vegetative growth in September:

1) Cut

We advise you tocut little and often: on average 2 times a week.
The fundamental rule always remains that ofnever remove more than 30%of the height and carefully check that the lawnmower blades are always sharp, if necessary sharpen them or replace them.
Here is a short indicative table for cutting height based on the type of lawn:


Fine-leaved English lawn (poa, ryegrass and red fescue)

Sunny and rustic lawn (poa and fescue arundinacea) 4.5cm
Shaded lawn (red fescue and poa trivialis) 5cm
Cropped lawn 2cm
Lawn in Dichondra, clovers and daisies 4-5 cm

2) Fertilization

During September it is essential to carry out fertilization to encourage vegetative growth.

- Use slow release or programmed release lawn fertilizers such asThis.
- Avoid immediate release fertilizers which could cause unwanted burning.
Basso impatto ambientaleFor the biological management of your turf we also offer youThis fertilizer with low environmental impact.

3) Aeration

We recommend aerating the soil if it is compact or encrusted.
What to do if you don't have a scarifier?
Don't worry, we atBazargiustowe have thought of everything!
Do you have a lawnmower? Turn it into a scarifier!
All you need to do is replace its blade with oneuniversal scarifier bladeand the game is done. With a minimal expense you can aerate your lawn easily.

4) Irrigation

Usually in Autumn ithunderstorms are frequentand able to supply large quantities of water in a short time.
This involves ano need to water the lawn.
Obviously if the temperatures remain around 30° the situation changes and as in the previous months it will be necessary to continue to water abundantly in the early morning, indicatively30mm of water 2 times a week.

5) Prevention from diseases

For the month of September we propose to continue the planpreventionthrough always natural products:

-Trichoderma(Temperature 15-25°)
Usage: 30g to be diluted in 10L of water per 100m2 of garden.
Remember to water thoroughly after application.

-Potassium phosphite, a treatment that promotes the strengthening of the turf and activates internal self-defense mechanisms.
Usage: 25g to be diluted in 10L of water per 100m2 of garden.
Apply on a dry leaf and do not wet the lawn for at least 24 hours.

6) Fight against moss

During this period it may be necessary to fight themosspresent in the turf.
What to do?
Use fertilizers containing iron such asDark Green or Green Up, follow the instructions on the label and on the product pages of our website for anti-moss dosages.
Attention: During use it is good to pay attention to the surfaces external to the turf as the iron, derived from sulphate, can give rise to stains on pavements and/or walkways

7) Sowing and overseeding

The current period is suitable for carrying out bothnew sowingsisreseeding and overseeding.
You need to choose the essence or mixture of essences that will make up the lawn.It may seem simple but it's not at all!
Pay attention to what your expectations are as well as the needs of the grass you are going to sow.
We always advise you to contact experts to avoid unpleasant inconveniences.
Precisely for this reason we have created a form foradvise you on the best product based on your needs.
You will need to fill it outfor freeand our experts will be happy to help you.

Click here to fill out the form

Here are some general planting tips:

TYPE OF LAWN DESIRED Maintenance Recommended SEEDS
Rustic and resistant sunny lawn Low


-Royal Blue Plus

Aesthetic fine-leaved English lawn High


-Royal Golf Plus

Shaded lawns Low


-Royal Shade Plus

Do you still have doubts or questions? Don't hesitate to contact us, our experts will answer you immediately!


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